5 Rules for your morning workout routine

Early morning alarm is the most annoying thing for most of us. But our morning routine plays an important role in deciding how our remaining day would go. A healthy morning routine includes workout and diet. So, here’s a guide to your morning workout.

1- Know your goal
There are hundreds of exercises and workout options. But what is best for you depends on many factors, the major one being your objective. Decide what you really wish to achieve by this will help you plan exercises accordingly. Your goal may be losing weight, gaining muscles, or forming abs. For a woman who wants to build your butt and chest, then by all means squat, thrust, and press requires to be done.

2- Don’t overdo
Your morning routine should be short and sweet. Don’t get so excited for a day that are done only on day 1. And if you are someone who is just beginning with morning workout, start with just 15 or 20 minutes. Once you start enjoying it and your body adapts to it, gradually increase the duration.

3- Immediately after waking up
Morning workout should be the very first thing you need to do, before engaging in any other activity such as watching cartoons. Of course you may have a glass of water or go to pee no other thing. It helps you remain focused on your goal and also derives the maximum benefits for your body.

4- Include one explosive exercise
To give your body a boost up, it’s essential to enhance your blood circulation. Exercises like squats or jump boxes may help you with it. Decide the frequency of it according to your goal.

5- Include one static strech exercise
It’s important to tone your muscles for an energetic as well as injury-free workout. For this, it’s important to perform exercise involving streching. Start your workout with streching your legs on side or bending down to your front and touching your feet with hands.

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