5 self-made millionaires reveal the best motivational advice they ever got

5 self-made millionaires were asked about their mentors and the best and worst advice they ever got. They revealed the advice they got from people who inspired them. Following are the top 10 advice they got:
Read it out, it may become your motivation to achieve your goal.

1-“You’ll never succeed without me.”

This wasn’t an advice, but rather an insult. The ex boyfriend of the millionaire told her that she cannot succeed without him. And she worked ever harder to prove him wrong and to tell him of her capabilities. She said “i would rather die than let him see me fail!” And the millionaire is: Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, podcast host of “Business Unusual,” and Shark on “Shark Tank.

2-“There is abundance for everyone. You just need to dive in and grab it.”

The millionaire lost hope about her success, several years back. And her boss reminded her that there’s abundance of it for everyone, all they need to do is to dive in and grab it by working dedicatedly towards it. And this inspired her so much that today she is
Michelle Luchese, co-founder and chief product officer of wedding band company Manly Bands.

3-“Be patient and persistent”

Marcello Arrambide, founder of Day Trading Academya and co-founder of SpeedUpTrader. He got this advice from his uncle. He learned the importance of being patient and persistent. He taught him how being a millionaire requires consistency and wasn’t something achievable in a day or overnight.

4-“You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.”

This advice was given to Johnathan Ruggiero, co-founder and CEO of wedding band company. Manly bands got this advice by his friend and mentor Dave Adelson, when he had started a new role as supervisor at getty images. He used to take burden of accomplishing all tasks by himself as he didn’t trust his team mates. But then Dave taught him and told how important it is to delegate work to complete it effectively.

5-“Become an expert at something”

Marla Beck, co-founder and CEO of Bluemercury, which was acquired by Macy’s for $210 million; creator of M-61 Skincare and Lune+Aster cosmetics. Her college professor gave her an advice to be an expert at something. Ever since then she does everything with focus. Personally, she focuses on being an expert at leadership, entrepreneurship, product innovation, and parenting. Professionally, she created Bluemercury to be the experts at beauty advice. Which she achieves with the help and support of her team.

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