5 Sensible agreements of Sheldon and Amy in Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy are among the most adorable couples of Big bang theory. The two met on dating website and fell deeply for each other. They made some really insane agreements. However, some sensible too. Following are top 5 sensible agreements of the couple:

Take care of each other during sickness
This is anyway sensible. Taking care of your partner is a must for a relationship. When you partner needs you, and expects you to be there for them, you should be care-giving and physically as well as emotionally supporting.

Set date nights
Definitely date nights are important.
Just like Amy and sheldon have fixed “every second Thursday of the month and, in the case of there being five Thursdays in a month, Date Night will be on the third Thursday instead” while, not necessarily everyone will be fine with monthly dates, some may need it twice a month, while some once in two months, but it should be fixed to keep the romance up, and the love holded.

No pouting during date night
You may feel like it should be under the insane category, but it truly makes itself under sensible. Knowing how to put aside your frustrations or stress aside to really enjoy a special date night is a huge thing specially when a real ‘Date Night’ may only happen occasionally (for couples who have kids, for example, making time together difficult to find), not allowing a bad mood to sour it is a great idea.

Advance notice of travel
Naturally your partner may expect you to tell in advance about your plans to travel or go on a vacation. Amy has to let Sheldon know at least 72 hours in advance. However, giving advance notice for every single travel on regular basis, may not be sensible, but only insane.


Anniversary clause
Almost every couple has an anniversary clause even if they don’t realise. For Amy and Sheldon it is, “go to a nice restaurant and hold conversation and have physical contact in a manner that onlookers would perceive as affectionate/intimate”. It is a sensible one as the day is special for couples, reminding them of each other’s love and importance.

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