5 Signs that tells she likes you!

While men are mostly blatant and direct, women are generally shy. If a guy likes you, he may openly confess you or at least give you direct signs like starring at you. But this is not the case with girls. Usually they give you indirect hints , which may be difficult to comprehend. But you need not to worry, we have mentioned all the general signs and hints which women usually give if they like guys:

1- Smile
If a woman likes you, she won’t resist herself from smiling at you. Notice whenever you meet her, she’ll greet you or atleast smile. This is because she feels happy to see you and also shows that she is interested in you.

2- Play with hair or accessories
It may sound childish, but majority of women do play with their necklaces, bracelets or hair. Because they become more concerned about their looks when they look at you or talk to you.

3- Dress beautifully
Once a woman starts liking you, she naturally starts dressing up more elegantly and tries to look beautiful, making her more presentable. This can really give you a clue if you know her from long back.

4- Secretly notice
While men usually look at women openly, women feel little hesitant and therefore notice them secretly. When they realize you turned onto them, they’ll start looking elsewhere.

5- Priorities
If she likes you, she’ll respond to your quickly and rather instantly, she’ll wait for your reply and find ways to help you out whenever possible. They would also share her secrets with you owing to her trust.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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