5 Signs that your relationship is Toxic

A Relationship can change your life. A healthy relationship can do wonders for your life. On the other hand, a toxic relationship can flip all the good and take away all the light from your happy-going life. What really affects is the person you are in a relationship with and the kind of bond you two share.


But, What exactly a toxic relationship is?


A relationship that is mentally, physically, or emotionally giving you pain on a constant basis by either physical or behavioral actions, may be termed as a toxin relationship.


Here are the top 5 signs that tell you it’s time to move away from your partner:

1- No Personal Space

Being attached to each other is natural in any relationship. And it is normal to expect time and attention from the person you are in a relationship with. But what if your partner wants all your time? Without giving you space for your hobbies, work, and personal life? If your partner doesn’t want you to give time to your friends, family, and professional life, it’s time to move away.

2- Never accepts fault

If it is always you, who say sorry and then the conversation starts back, you need to reconsider if you are with the right person. If they are avoiding you for something, it may be because they want you to realize their importance. But if each time it’s you who texts them, it’s their ego and a careless attitude towards the relationship.

3- Keeps on complaining

Complaining is a human tendency. We are hardly satisfied with what we got. But if your partner keeps on complaining to you about almost every decision of yours, and talking of your past mistakes, again and again, even though he knows it’s hurting you, it’s time to break up! No one’s perfect, everyone commits mistakes, and your partner needs to understand that.

4- Dominance over your life

Our culture is based on a patriarchal system, wherein the men mostly dominate over their women counterparts. But this dominance can exceed the limits and become toxic. You need to be equally cautious if it’s the female who dominates. If they are telling you how to live, where to go, what to wear and whom to eat. Sorry dude, you aren’t with the right person. Now you need to decide, who’s the ruler of your life?

5- Over-Possessive

Little possessiveness is healthy for a relationship. As it makes one feel that their partner fears losing them. But when the behavior turns over-possessive, here’s when you need to be cautious. But when does that happen? When your partner stops trusting you, wants you to prove where you were, who you were with, and why you went there. When your relationship just becomes a questioning series, and you are the one who always answers. It’s time that you make a wise decision and get over with the toxic relationship!

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