5 space saving hacks for a tiny kitchen

Struggling to fit everything in the minimum space in a tiny kitchen? A lot of apartments do not come with enough kitchen area to fit in everything you require and you have to stack everything which can look real messy. Here are 5 hacks to save space in a tiny kitchen area and make it more organized and convenient for you.


Vertical storage

Instead of stacking up everything horizontally in the space, try storing things vertically. Install a vertical pegboard on the kitchen wall and hang your pots, pans and other utensils on that. This will save a lot of space you would have otherwise required for storing these items. You can even put on a board to hang your cups and mugs.


Divide the horizontal storage

Using the wire shelf risers you can divide and turn one shelf into two for maximum horizontal storage. This area can be used to store your utensils, china and other dishware while keeping it neat and organized. You can try doing it on open shelves as well as in the storage shelves.

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Make drawers in the bigger cabinets

If you have deep or big cabinets, make smaller drawers inside them using plastic pins or baskets. Organize your stuff like condiments and cutlery in different drawers like these to save space and time and get easy access to your stuff. This way you start store a variety of different items in the same cabinets yet keeping it organized.


Get a magnetic knife bar

Knives and other utensils take up too much space on the kitchen shelf. Invest in a magnetic knife bar, stick it to the wall and hang all your cutting knives vertically on it. You can also use this magnetic bar for other steel utensils and ladles.


Don’t forget the cabinet doors

Cabinet doors can also be used for storage. Attach some hooks inside the doors and hang on your measuring cups or kitchen cleaning cloths or even ladles on the inside of the doors. This is yet another hack for the optimum sage of space while keeping things organized and handy.


You don’t have to compromise on getting that blender or coffee machine anymore because there’s no space. Use these simple hacks and make the best out of the available space.

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