5-step guide to overcome Procastination


Procastination is the act of delaying or posposting any work you are supposed to complete. A lot of hard workers and brilliant students are also found Procastinating a number of times. Whereas, the case is similar to adults. It may not necessarily about academics, it can be about going out to shop , but mostly something you aren’t really interested in.

So here’s a real guide to how you can avoid Procastinating:

1. Make a list
The very first thing you need to do is to state down all your tasks you are supposed to do in the near future. Now start prioritising those. By this we want you to write down in the order of urgency.

2. Schedule
Now that you know what all you have to do and what is more important at the moment, make a schedule of when you will do what. Make sure you give yourself time to breath in between, so it doesn’t get hectic. Thus, make a realistic schedule.

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3. Avoid distractions
Distraction is the biggest factor for Procastination. It is important that you stay focused when doing work. Keep yourself away from things which take away your attention.

4. Stay active
Another common reason why you procastinate is that you are lazy. For this, you need to give your morning a kick-start by an energy drink, taking bath and not lying on bed the entire day.

5. Reward
So you stayed away from your distractions for the time you completed your work. Now it is time you should reward yourself for dedication. In this way, you can set target and a reward which you’ll give yourself after it’s completion and work effectively.

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