As a woman, carrying a handbag is really important. Not that we don’t have pockets, but because we just have a lot of stuff to carry. Whether we go to your workplace or dinner date, there are some must-haves that we must carry everywhere in our handbag.

Read below to know:

1. Portable Mirror

You don’t necessarily have to be a makeup- maniac to be able to carry a mirror with you everytime, it is a necessity in today’s time, especially when you go somewhere via public transport.


2. Lipstick

If you are someone who loves wearing lipstick, you must have it in your handbag wherever you go. The shade you are wearing, you must carry it. But along with that, carry a neutral shade or one that may go with almost every outfit.

3. Hair Brush

Of course we do not want our hair to look tangled or messy, but they no get while we are travelling. So, always keep your hair brush or comb in your hand bag.

4. Sanitary Napkin

Whether you wear a pad or use menstrual cup or tampon, pad can be used in case of emergency. You can use it even along with any of the two to prevent leakage. So, wrap a pad and always keep it with you.

5. Pepper Spray

Self defence is really important. And in times when crimes against women have been more than ever, you must not miss carrying a bottle of pepper spray and use it in times of emergency when someone tries to harm or harass you.

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