5 things iOS does better than Android

If you have been an iPhone user, you would definitely agree that owning an iPhone is not just for a status symbol, but also because of it’s quality features over an android.


Here iOS stands much ahead of androids. iPhone works much smoother and faster as compared to androids. While specifications may make you wonder. Even iPhones with 4GB ram, which is considered at a mid-range, work really well and many a times better than androids with 6GB ram. Because it’s not just to do with the space. The processor of iPhone is usually fabulous. And it is considered to be better than that of


This is another reason why apple users love it. The simplicity of the software, makes it really easy for general users. And this is what android is striving for. But anyway, android can be confusing. Different phones have different layout and working of software in Androids. But in iOS, the software is quite straight forward and consistent. May it be iphone X or ipad pro, you’ll experience the same.  Thus making it super easy and simple to use without much effort of learning.


Google security updates are consistent. Google continues taking steps to ensure that phones are protected from malicious virus and fraudulent activities. Things like sand-boxing, two-step verification, Google Play Protect, more controlled app permissions, etc are taken due care of.
Not sure if iOS stands even better here, but definitely it is harder to penetrate iPhone system as it is a closed ecosystem and has a stricter app store. All of these factors combined make it harder for attackers to target iOS users.

4-Superior support

No company is perfect. Not every shopping experience of yours will be good. But what matters in the end is what support you get when you need it. And, definitely apple is expensive and will cost you more, but the quality of services it offers is also what makes it stand apart from other companies.

Speaking of Apple Stores, love them or hate them, Apple’s retail locations have a signature look. The open-plan design draws you in as soon as you walk by. And the staff members are always there to help you throughout your journey with iOS. From making buying decision to after sale services, they’ll always help you out with great patience.They even have classes to teach you how to use Apple devices.

5- Easier to Update

If you own an iPhone, you are surely lucky with updating it. As soon as any update is launched, you can get it and update easily.

The updating process is not as seamless with Google’s Android. Google only gives direct updates to its own products, like the Pixel 4 nd Pixel 4 XL, and even those have been known to fail at getting updates effectively.

Manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola and all others have to get the update, work on it, optimize it for your device, and then send it out. In many instances carriers have to go through them too, which only assures you get updates late, sometimes months or years down the line… if ever.

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