5 Things to do as soon as you wake up, and why

Whether or not you follow a time table, you must start your morning with a godo routine- A routine that enables you to utilise your day productively. Following are five things, including which in your morning routine can enable you to spend your day better:

1-Boost yourself with positivity
Do whatever it takes you to become positive. Without having a positively mindset, you may waste your entire day. Look in the mirror and smile. Tell yourself your achievements and that you can do anything. Motivate yourself to the best.

2-Watch news
While you were sleeping, something important might have had happened. Do check out news not just for the past day, but for the present day updates like traffic, temperature and weather.

3- Healthy breakfast
Do not binge on junk food in the morning itself. Start your day with a drink that can boost your body like black coffee, green tea or vegetable juice. After which, go for something filling like oats.

4-Workout and meditate
A morning without physical workout is incomplete. Go for 15-20 min walk or exercise. You can also practice yoga , if indoors. Additionally, give your mind a good and calm start. Perform meditation for the same.

5-Plan your day
Without a goal, you cannot stay determined to work hard. Thus, plan what all you’ll be doing in the entire day to you can stick to it. Brief down the number of hours you need to work and what you’ll be doing in that time.

We hope we are able to give a good start to your day, of course if you implement these.

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Aastha Kochar

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