5 Things to keep in mind before shopping online

Online shopping is no more just a trend, it has now become a ‘realized need’. Most of us have shopped online at least once in our lifetime. And, most of the buyers feel disappointed after purchase, at least once in their experiences. The reason why buyers get disappointed is that they don’t pay attention to certain things.
Even if you never shopped online or got disappointed, following are the 5 basic tips you must follow when making an online purchase:

Read product description

Many a times people end up buying something they didn’t want. And at times they  feel cheated not receiving all the products. Do not just go for the picture shown. Do checkout the description and the product contents. Most likely you will see things other than the product too, for example, when buying a jeans, you are also likely to see a model wearing a t-shirt. You should be sure of what you are buying, before placing order. In case of apparel, you should also look for the size chart.

Refer to customer pictures

The pictures which you generally see for the product are not real or edited. In real, you may not found the product exactly the same in color or texture. Referring to the pictures posted by customers can give you an idea of the original look, and thus won’t disappoint you later.

Read reviews

Reading the reviews of a product can help you understand it better. For example, in case of a face cream, it may be possible that a customer has already bought it and found it unsuitable for oily skin. Reviews can help you decide if the product is suitable to your needs. You can also get the insights of product based on people’s experiences.

Compare prices

Be a smart buyer and just don’t order anything as soon as you find it online. If you like a particular product, search for it on similar sites. For example, a jeans available on amazon may also be found on eBay at lesser price. Just ensure that you compare the product details as well.

Look for return policy

It’s very important to check the policies of the seller. Along with the contents, you should definitely look for the return policy. A seller may not provide return, but only exchange. Or, none of those. Different sites have different policies of returning, like within 10 or 30 days. While, some products like perfumes, undergarments are usually non- returnable and non-exchangeable. It’s important to know about it before buying, so you can choose to order accordingly.

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