Does love happen all of a sudden? Does it happen on first sight? Maybe, and maybe not. Even if it does, is that even realistic? There are a few qualities we must look for, in our partner with whom we are planning to spend our life. And some of those are as mentioned below:

1. Cares

No matter how old we grow, we always need that one person who can treat us like their child. The person whom you are going to be committed with, must care for you as you never know when you would need someone to be on your side to support you both physically and emotionally.


2. Willing to give time

Of course everyone have their own commitments, engagement and priorities. But, would you not mind being with someone with priorities other than you, even during the initual days of  your relationship? Better go for someone who is giving you enough time to understand you better.

3. Respects you

Can there be anything over and above self-respect. Respect is that first and foremost thing one should look for in a partner. Is he ready to accept your past without demanding for any change.

4. Respects people

So your partner respects you but they don’t know how to talk to elders or women. Would it not bother you? Their respect or attitude towards ‘you’ must not be the only thing you should think of

5. Provides with space

It’s time to look whether you are able to find time for your own self, family, loved ones and hobbies. Your partner must not be authoritative and be willing to provide you with your personal space.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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