5 Things you must take along while travelling amid covid-19

Life isn’t the same as it used to be before covid-19. It has changed in multiple ways. It has also affected traveling. Lockdown and social distancing has made us stay home for a long time. However, the life should go on! We cannot stay within the four walls of our homes forever. But we can certainly follow some travel guidelines to be more cautious. An essential prevention could be carrying a covid-19 kit along with your regular travel bag.

Here’s what it should include:

1. Antiseptic liquid
Antiseptic solution like dettol or savlon has anti-bacterial properties that can slack-off the growth of microorganisms and thus keep you away from bacteria and viruses.

2. Sanitizer
We can not underestimate the power of sanitizer anyone. We have become familiarised with the concept of sanitization and must not neglect it. Whenever traveling ensure that you carry at least two sanitizers along and use them whenever you realise you touched any surface or your body part.

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3. Reusable masks
Masks, of course! Who can forget oe undermine its importance. Whenever you leave your home, ensure you have mask covering your face and do not touch it. It is also essential to carry an extra mask in your kit, which can be worn again after washing.

4. Medical masks
Medical masks are one-time usable. So, it is advisable to use washable masks. However, you should always keep a medical mask with you for emergency purpose. When you cannot wash your used mask, you would want to thank us for this.

5. Extra footwear
We always carry extra clothing. But what about footwear? During these times, you should have one extra pair of slippers or shoes. Consider yourself as a carrier of corona when you step somewhere in footwear. Thus, always change your shoes , taking out the carrier ones before the entrance.

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