5 tips to keep your nails strong and healthy

Having beautiful nails is every woman’s dream. With all the nail polishes and art, comes the care. All the services that you get done on them makes them brittle, yellow and weak and it takes some good caring to keep them healthy. Here are some tips for the strong and healthy nails that you desire.


Keep them clean and dry

All the problems arise with bacteria, so make sure you maintain the hygiene so that the bacteria doesn’t breed. Wipe and clean your nails every time you wash your hands to keep them dry. Also clean the area under your nails properly every day to keep them dirt-free. Scrub and exfoliate the nails with a soap or shampoo using a toothbrush as it is gentle on the skin.


Avoid using any rough and metal tools for the manicure

Your nails are gentle and should be treated with care. Avoid using any hard, rough or metals tools under the nails so that they don’t get scraped or damaged. Using hard metal tools can separate the nail plate from the skin and expose the surface for infections.


Stop the nail biting

Many people have this habit of biting their nails when they’re nervous or stressed. It causes the nails to go weak and brittle and it obviously makes them look bad. Not only this, but putting your nails in the mouth also transmits the germs and bacteria directly to your system which can make you sick.


Avoid the harmful chemicals

Certain harmful chemicals can be present in your nail polishes and nail polish remover. Make sure that you use only acetone-free nail polish removers. And read the labels carefully before using any nail polish to ensure that it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, toluene and other toxic chemicals. These chemicals can make your nails weak, brittle and cause them to crack.


Moisturizing is important

Just like your skin, the nails also need moisturizing to keep them healthy. Pick up a good hand/nail cream or cuticle oil and moisturize them regularly to keep them healthy and shiny. In case you’re out of hand cream, you can even get some lip balm to do the job.


You can make your nails look pretty by using acrylic or gel nail treatments but they actually damage the nails. Keeping your nails naturally healthy will keep them beautiful anyway.


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