Budget shopping tips to save money

Losing your shopping budget and going broke every month end? This is a common problem that many of us face, mostly due too poor money management skills or frequent shopping sprees. Well, who doesn’t love shopping? But does it always have to burn a hole in your pocket? The answer is no. And here are a few tips to help you shop on a budget and save some money.


Stick to the list

Before going out to shop, prepare a list of items you really need to buy and build a budget across it. Cross check the list to ensure you don’t already own any similar items and then stick to your list. You can go to multiple stores for more options and buy the items at the best deals but try not to digress as you don’t want to disturb your budget.


Pay with cash

Usually when we pay using our card, we tend to cross the budget as we are not physically giving any money away. Paying with cash feels real and we are more aware of how much we are spending. After deciding your budget for the day, take out the required cash and pay using that everywhere you shop. You can also try taking out a little extra cash for emergency purposes and leaving the card at home to help fight the cravings.


Outlet mall is your place

An outlet mall is the best place to shop at when you’re running low on budget. These malls have all the big brands at low prices with last season’s trends. But hey, some trends never go out of fashion and at those prices it’s all worth it.  Run to your nearest outlet mall when you’re low on cash but looking for a great dress for some important occasion and get it in 1/3rd of the original price.


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Look out for the sales

Many brands have sales that run all year long. When you enter a store, look for the sale section and chances are you’ll probably find something cute for yourself. Also check for online sales and coupons that you can use to slash prices and get yourself the best deal.


Buy don’t buy everything on sale

Even when you visit a sale, don’t end up buying things you don’t need just because they’re selling at low prices. Stick to your list. Buy what you need and ignore the ones you are really not going to wear. Whenever you like something out of your list, question yourself if you really need it.


Shopping is always a fun experience that can also be budget friendly in an organized way. Follow these simple tips and never run out of cash.


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