5 Tips to fall asleep quickly

Some people, most commonly teenagers face issues falling asleep even after lying on bed for hours. This may increase their stress level and decrease concentration level. Here’s how you can improve your sleep quality:

1. Schedule sleep
Many people do not have any fixed sleeping schedule. On some day they tend to fall asleep at 9 PM and on some days at 3 AM. This irregular sleep timings may lead to disturbance in sleeping patterns and thus cause difficulty falling asleep. So, fix a time for your sleep and wake-up.

2. Don’t take naps
If you have a habit of day-sleep or taking small naps throughout the day, you are likely to face problems in sleeping at night. Sleep just at night everyday at same time.

3. Avoid caffeine
Many peoppe have a habit of consuming coffee, which contains caffeine that prevents sleeplessness. So, do not drink coffee or any similar beverage with caffeine and even alcohol, especially at night.

4. Set the room
Your room and bed play an important role in quality sleep. In order to have an undisturbed sleep, have a comfortable bed set up and turn off all the lights and distractions like Television.

5. Give-up your phone
At least 15 minutes before your sleeping time, you should give up all your gadgets and in fact books. Make sure you switch off from everything so your mind is free and relaxed and you fall in sleep soon.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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