5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Life

With each passing year, people are getting more and more determined to achieve a healthy life. In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay healthy and prolong our lives.

However, according to the latest research, the basic trick to maintaining lifelong good health is “lifestyle medicine”. In other words, simple tasks like altering one’s diet, a little exercise, and even stress management.

As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’, so maintaining a balanced diet is always important. In today’s day and age, many are adopting veganism and keto to their diet.

After eating, there is a need to burn off all those extra calories. Many can get their exercise by hitting the gym frequently. However, even something as simple as a jog or taking up some sporting activity, can work wonders for the body.

Moving on to stress management, mental health is as important as physical health. In the modern day where the average person works their 9 to 5 jobs or work even longer, stress can hit anybody. So, having some form of stress management, even visiting a specialist, also helps.

However, what are the biggest tips to actually maintain a healthy life? According to expert, James Rouse, they are as follows.



According to researchers, having a positive outlook on life contributes massively to a healthier immune system and overall health. The body is practically an extension of the mind, so a positive body will reflect on a positive mind.


Vegetables are every child’s worst nightmare, with parents insisting on them eating their veggies. However, as much as they would hate to admit it, their parents are right. For an average person, at least five servings of vegetables a day, should suffice.

A vegetable-rich diet will lead to a reduced risk of developing cancer in various parts of the body. It is a bit of a running joke that broccoli is the most hated vegetable. However, that, along with cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, and leafy greens are vital.


It is not just what you eat, that’s important, but also when and how much you eat, as well. All three aspects are critical to maintain one’s metabolism and energy levels. The recommended number of meals a day is 5, as it will help manage weight, composure and focus.


This cannot be stressed on enough, daily exercise is vital for a person. It helps in improving eyesight, normalising blood pressure, improving lean muscle, lowering cholesterol, and improving bone density. According to some studies, exercise makes a huge difference.

Even something like dancing, counts as exercise, and is high up there with hitting the gum, a simple jog or playing some sports. The point is, it is important to remain active


When a person works long hours, there is a high risk of becoming an insomniac. To combat that, relaxation techniques can be employed, like meditation and yoga.

Another issue that people often face is, the ‘midnight munchies’, where the urge to raid the fridge is high. So, a small bedtime snack can come in handy. The best options that will help a person sleep ar, whole grain cereal with milk, oatmeal, cherries, or chamomile tea.

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