5 tips to maintain healthy and long hair

Those luscious locks that we see on shampoo commercials are drool worthy, however not very realistic. We end up spending a fortune on hair products to make our hair look shiny and strong. But what we miss are those simple home remedies and tips to maintain them. Here’s a list of simple tips you can do at home to maintain and grow your hair thicker, shinier and stronger.

Tip #1: Maintain a balanced diet

Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body. Like the rest of the body, hair also needs certain nutrients to grow, glow and be stronger. The foods that you intake should have the nutrients required for a healthy scalp. Foods that are rich in protein like eggs, fish, green leafy vegetables and more help in the hair growth process. While foods containing good amounts of antioxidants helps in blood circulation and boosting the metabolism for the health of the scalp.

Tip #2: Avoid washing your hair too often

Washing your hair too frequently may wash off the oils in the scalp required for the hair growth leaving it dry and itchy. It is recommended to wash your hair twice a week with a mild shampoo that suits them. Choose that shampoo carefully as many of them contain harsh chemicals that may also lead to hair loss and breakage.

Tip #3: Avoid brushing the hair when wet

Wet hair is more vulnerable since the roots are soft and can easily lose their grip. Brushing them at that time may lead to more hair loss than natural at the time of brushing. Wait for the hair to dry before combing to avoid the unnecessary damage. Also do not rub the hair too hard while drying them but gently pat dry with the towel.

Tip #4: Condition the hair where required

Conditioner is not for the scalp.  Conditioners are made to seal the moisture in the hair shaft and it needs to be done the right way. As the scalp already contains the essential oils, conditioning it too much will only make it oily and trick you to wash your hair more often. Start conditioning your hair from about two inches from the scalp and move towards the tip.

Tip #5: Don’t put too much heat or pressure to your hair

You need to protect your hair not only from external factors but also from yourself. Treat it gently and avoid excessive use of curlers or straightener. It will only make the hair frizzy and dry by taking away its moisture. Also avoid tying your hair too tightly as the pull will make it lose from the roots resulting in more hair loss.

 Your hair represents you. The care starts at home and not at the salon.

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