5 Tips to Take Your Tinder Game to the Next Level

If the best of your profile pictures have not been able to get you a date on Tinder, then it’s time to change your ‘plan’ a bit. We are going to point out some of the little but important things that might pull the scene off for you.

Stylish Yet a Subtle Opening

Words do create magic. However, there is no perfect opening line. So here referring your Tinder match’s profile to crack the conversations can possibly work well. You might use your knowledge of certain activities that your match is interested in. Additionally, the available GIFs can be used to introduce them to your personality.

Go Through the Bio

Your work doesn’t end at writing a nice bio for yourself. You will have to take some time out to read your matches’ profiles. This doesn’t only help you come up with the best possible opening line but it also shows how interested you are in them.  

Connect Your Insta

There is no good reason to hide those awesome pictures you’ve on your Instagram handle. Connecting your Instagram with Tinder gives your matches a chance to know you better and offers them a launchpad for cracking a conversation. After all, you’re not that boring. Right?

Be Colorful

Let’s admit that nobody likes boring people and busy schedules leave us with limited time to get an impression of others. All blacks and greys can be a turn off for the potential matches, so add some more colours and expressions to the pictures that you post on your Tinder account.

Don’t Forget to Swipe on Weekends

Finding a date is just another fun activity that asks for some free time. So, swiping does need your leisure time. You’re likely to get more matches on weekends or national holidays. So, don’t push your luck too much on weekdays

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