5 Toxic Beliefs that can kill your relationship

Absolutely no relationship is perfect! But assuming or considering things to be normal even when they aren’t, can prove to be hazardous for both of you!

Here’s what you must not believe:


1- Being possessive means love
If your partner doesn’t let you talk to your friends of the opposite gender or doesn’t let you go out to enjoy, they are possessive. That doesn’t mean they love you! Over-Possessiveness may kill someone, so don’t let them control your life.


2- Couples cannot fight
If you are deciding to break up, just because you two had a conflict, you really need to reconsider your decision. Every couple gets into conflicts. This doesn’t mean you’ll end up your relationship. If your conflicts overpower your love or life, then you need to think about it seriously! Small conflicts in fact improve your bonding!


3- Don’t expect anything
Sorry, but no relationship can exist without expectations. When you give your best to your partner, you naturally expect something from them. It can be their time, love, care or anything! And, a relationship can only work well if it’s from both sides.


4- My partner, my life
Do you always feel sad when your partner isn’t around you? Well, you’ve considered them as your everything. And, you seriously need to come out of them. Considering them important is good, but everything? You’ll end up dying every single day. Find out who you are, and practice your hobbies.


5- Sharing everything with them
Undoubtedly, a relationship is based on loyalty and truth. But, you don’t really need to share every single thing with them. Find out what talks you need to avoid, to keep your relationship interesting as well as healthy!

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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