5 Travel Books That Will Change The Way You See The World

If you are a someone who always thinks on making your travel experience wonderful, and you love reading, Read these 5 books while you travel , it will surely change the way you look at things.

1. The Adventure of Tintin by Hergé

What could be more inspiring than the story of a young traveller and his little dog wandering the world?
The visually-driven Tintin comic books gave Inma Gregorio, an experienced traveller who runs the travel blog A World to Travel, a sense of wanderlust as a child—and continues to influence her journeys now.

2.The Beach by Alex Garland

The book is based on realistic expectations and not a world of fantasies. Who doesn’t
dream about that imaginary island surrounded by crystal clear waters and blanketed by golden sunlight? But, this book
changes the way people think about the definition of paradise. Garland creates the picture of paradise, lulling the reader into thinking the characters have truly found heaven on earth.The book will teach you to enjoy everyday life with local people, and changing the way you look at paradise.

3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist tells the enthralling story of an Andalusian shepherd who wishes to travel in search of treasure. But during his adventures, he finds ‘himself’, instead. It is an inspiring story for travellers who are searching for something on their adventures, whether it’s amazing archaeological sites or the most delicious meal. But while you’re busy seeking something external, you usually end up discovering a piece of yourself you never knew was there.

4. The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton

Away from the world of fantasies and daydreams about travel, the book brings in the center, the honest and philosophical look as to why we travel.
It brings to light, the fantasies we have about a place can often be better than the reality we encounter once we arrive. “It’s not just about the moments of grandeur—every little element is part of the whole experience.” it says.

5.The Rings of Saturn by W.G Sebald

It is one if the best travel books and one without any genre. The book contains a philosophy for travelers who want to scratch beneath the surface of a destination.
Take it slow, seek out stories, strive to be a more thoughtful explorer. Take a copy of this one-off with you, and cultivate your sense of curiosity with every step—who knows where it might lead you?

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