5 types of footwear every fashionista should own

Your footwear is the first thing someone notices about you. So, creating a statement with the footwear is what every fashionista wants. If you like to be updated about the footwear trends and are still a little confused, then here’s a guide for you. Here are the 5 types of footwear every woman who loves fashion should own


Black evening heels

These can be your go to heels whenever you’re in doubt. Black heels go with almost every dress. Invest in a pair of simple black heels that go with evening wear and pair them up with almost any evening dress or gown. You can choose stilettoes or black pencil heels for this purpose but block heels and wedges might not look good with many evening dresses.


Classic white sneakers


It is comfort and fashion at its best. Classic white sneakers have been in trend for a very long time and we don’t see them leaving anytime soon. Get yourself a pair to match with your casual wear. You can pair these up with your jeans, shorts and even dresses to make a simple look yet a powerful statement.


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This is yet another pair of classic footwear that ensures comfort as well as style. Ballerinas or ballet flats are classic casual wear shoes that you can pair with your dresses, skirts and even jeans if you like. Buy a pair of foldable ballet flats in a neutral color or pattern that you can pair up with as many dresses and skirts in your wardrobe to complete your chic outfit.


Ankle boots


Ankle length boots are much more than just winter wear. You can go for suede or leather ankle boots and rock them with jeans. Going for black or tan color is a good option as it matches almost all kinds of clothes that you might want to pair up with boots. Get yourself a pair and complete your biker chick look.




Pumps are universal. You can pair them up with your work wear as well as evening wear. And on some days, even with your jeans. Own at least one pair of pumps, preferably black. And mix and match them up for various types of occasion wear.


You can always go a little extra with your footwear when your outfit feels too plain. Yet, these five types sort you for most of the occasions.


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