5 Types of Towels and when to choose them

Choosing a towel can be a challenging task, especially for those who engage in multiple tasks and require separate towels. The requirements of towel will be different for batch and body care and will change for gym or travel.

Fortunately, buying a towel online enables you to study it’s suitability unlike that available on a local store, which they sell as an all-purpose towel.

1- Face towel

Face towel is usually a smaller version of your bath towel, compact enough to fit your bag.
It’s purpose is to wipe out face, which has the most delicate skin and requires soft fiber. Thus, a face towel must be soft, that dries off quickly and is fits your bag.

2- Gym towel

Burning calories becomes easier with a quickly absorbent towel. Your gym towel must be handy or easily fit into your gym bag. It should be little smaller than your bath towel but bigger than your face towel.

3- Hand towel

Hands are an important part of our body as they are largely responsible for spreading viruses if we come in contact to it. Thus, removal of germs and cleansing hands become extremely important. Hand towels must be soft to hands and smaller in size than bath towel but bigger than a face towel.

4- Regular/bath towel

As the name suggests, these are most commonly used to dry-off the body after taking a bath. And so, these must be soft in material such as cotton. One of the most essential properties it should have is the absorbency. It must dry out quickly.

5- Gigantic Bath sheet

These are larger in size than the bath towels as these are generally used to wrap wholly around the body after bath or wear as sarongs. White is the most popular choice in this.

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