5 Unique People to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a phenomenal place to spend your free time if you follow the right people. The fact that these people are so active on Instagram gives a clear glimpse into their personal and professional live, thereby leaving their followers in utter awe and admiration.

But Instagram can be very difficult to navigate for newbies, and also for seasoned users since it is an ocean and knowing whom to follow isn’t the easiest thing to do. We make your job easier, here are the top 5 unique Instagram individual handles we recommend:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk: https://www.instagram.com/garyvee/

This leading businessman’s Instagram account is a marketing aficionado’s delight. His video content augmented with his timely status updates multiple time in a day keep his followers engaged and involved, in addition to serving as a source of deep insight and knowledge.

  1. Claudia Alende: https://www.instagram.com/claudiaalend

As a model as well as a business woman, Claudia is a source of insightful content on health, business, motivation and lifestyle. She is a model for the modern woman, and shows women empowerment of a high order.

  1. Ben Lee: https://www.instagram.com/igbenlee/

An inspirational entrepreneur, this personality has redefined the meaning of a role model. By age 18, he had climbed from busboy to operations manager for two hospitality properties grossing $20 million. Co-Founded Neon Roots at 22, and has since partnered with Fortune 100 Companies like Epson & media moguls like Snoop Dogg & Tony Robbins to create some of the world’s greatest apps.

  1. Doctor Mike: https://www.instagram.com/doctor.mike/

From men’s fashion to fitness to motivation, Doctor Mike has everything for you. He has developed a personal brand second to none by providing quality personalised content on everything under the radar. So remember, you don’t need to be a model, businessperson, or celebrity to build a massive Instagram following. All you need to be is yourself.

  1. Luxy Hair: https://www.instagram.com/luxyhair/

Ever pictured people with flying hair comprising an Instagram account? Yes, this is exactly what it is. Product marketing has reached new levels, with major brands advertising with these seemingly nonchalant looking people captured across multiple locations in the world. Picturesque locations. Definitely worth a look.

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