5 useful tips for first time solo travellers

Planning to go solo for the first time? As difficult as it may sound, it is equally liberating. It opens you up to unpredictable challenges and gives you a sense of empowerment. Now since you’re traveling alone, you need to do some special preparation before you set off. Here are 5 useful tips to keep in mind for your first solo trip


Choose an easy destination

Traveling solo for the first time can be daunting. Pick up an easy place, probably some place that’s not too far away or a place with good connectivity for your first trip. Or research and a find a place that’s around you and safe for solo travelers so you don’t feel terrified. The first time is not about the destination but the experience. It’s about opening yourself up to challenges and exploring. So pick up an easy place and explore yourself.

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Make a plan and have some backup

When you get used to it, you start going with the flow during a solo travel. But for the first time, you need to plan and have a backup plan. Plan your travel like how you would plan any trip and make the bookings. Sticking strictly to the schedule on your first travel is just fine but be open to new experiences and adventures. Because that’s how you find yourself, isn’t it?


Pack only what you need

You don’t want to carry heavy suitcases when you’re traveling around alone. Do a proper research about the place you’re headed to and pack only what is required. You can pack basic clothes that you can wear on more than one occasions and in more than one ways and save some space. With all the alertness you require on a solo trip, traveling light sure does help.


Have confidence and explore your way

So what if your plan asks you to go see the museum today but you just want to relax by the beach? It’s your trip and you can enjoy it however you want. Exploration on a solo trip does not only refer to exploring the places but yourself. Figure out what you like doing the most and enjoy it as much as you want for there is no one to keep reminding you of the schedule. And always stay confident wherever you go. It may seem difficult and some situations may make you nervous, but seeming confident is the key.


Let someone know

Solo trip is your escape but it’s good for someone to have your back. Inform a friend or a family member who your trust the most about your trip and the schedule. Even share your booking details with them so that they know your whereabouts. This way not only they can help you when you need it, but you will also feel safer knowing someone has got your back.


Happy Solo traveling!




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