5 ways to accessorize a solid mini bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses accentuate your body shape. They can be worn on several occasions and can be accessorized in different ways as per the occasion. For the confusing times, here are five different ways to accessorize a solid bodycon dress and create multiple looks.

Layer it up

When you don’t want to go overboard with your bodycon, you can always layer it up. For the layering, you can wear a jacket, a shrug or even a scarf. For windy evenings, you can layer it up with a leather jacket and for sunny day brunches you can wear a denim jacket or a scarp on top.

Let the footwear do the talking
When accessorizing a bodycon dress, the footwear really decides the occasion. You can wear moccasins for a casual date and your special heels for a glamorous evening. You can wear pretty colorful moccasins with a solid bodycon when going but match your heels with your color of your outfit to create an elegant look.

Belt it up for special occasions

For the days you want to flaunt your curves or when it’s too hot to layer it up, add a belt to your dress. Not only does it help to break the monotony, it also makes your waistline look slimmer. It attracts the focus on your waist and also helps in covering the extra pounds and make you look curvier. Match the belt with the color and the texture of your outfit and the occasion.

Handbags say a lot

One thing to remember is that the formal the event, the smaller the bag. For casual days, you can carry big handbags with your dress but for special evenings, carry a small clutch. Make sure that the handbag matches your outfit. If you’re wearing a black bodycon for a special evening, you can even go for silver or golden embellished clutches depending on your preferences.

Jewel it subtle

Wearing heavy necklaces with your bodycon may make you look overdressed. Wear subtle jewelry instead. If you’re not accessorizing it with anything else, you can wear a delicate long chain or even a choker depending on the occasion. You can even go for chunky earrings for fun and playful evenings.

Pick up that solid bodycon and give it a twist for every occasion.





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