5 Ways to Chop Onions Without Tears

Chopping onions remains the most annoying thing for most people because chopping without tears is like a dream come true. So does this mean you are bound to cry while chopping onions? Absolutely not! (Given that you read these tips and tricks to chop onions withoit tears)

1. Chop the right way

Many people don’t know how to chop onions properly, which not just consumes a lot of their time but also brings tears in their eyes. Thus, you must know the correct way. You can checkout this blog on How to Chop Onions Perfectly.

2. Use a sharp knife

Using a sharp knife to chop will prevent it from damaging the walls of onion. This in turn, will prevent you from getting tears.

3. Refrigerate

Refrigerating onion for some time will help reduce its liquid that causes tears in your eyes. But make sure you don’t freeze it and instead refrigerate only.

4. Keep the chopped away

By simply keeping the chopped part away from you can help reduce the impact it makes on your eye. So, after you are done with slicing, keep them away from you.

5. Chop near flame

Chopping onion near the stove and with exhaust fan turned on, can help with reducing its smell , in turn keeping away the tears.

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