5 Ways to cope up with covid-19 stress


In the times when the world is suffering, emotional stress in these times may be common. But too much of stress can lead to mental dis-functioning or severe anxiety.
Following are five ways in which you can cope it and make things work out:

1- Optimism
Positivity is the key to any struggle. No matter what you are facing, being positive in your approach can really help you deal with it. But when you think negatively, the outcome can never be positive. In times like today, when the world is suffering, you must be positive and calm in order to prevent mental stress.

2- Meditation
Meditation doesn’t cost anything, but the benefits derived are beyond anything. Not just your body, but also your mind gets away with all the stress it’s going through. And, it’s extremely important to keep yourself calm during this time.

3- Writing
In these unprecedented times, we go through a lot, we feel a lot, and think a lot. If we keep on worrying about things, we may only add on to the stress. It’s important to express our feelings. Thus, plays a vital role in making us feel lighter. Whatever you do, however you feel, pen it down into a diary.

4- Socializing
Although, social distancing is the key to fight covid-19, but it’s actually ‘physical distancing’. You can still remain connected yo your friends and family using social media sites and face times. So, do not hesitate to share your ups and downs with people who matter in your life.

5- Reframe things

There might be a number of things that weren’t doing well in your life even before Covid-19. But doesn’t this time give you a great opportunity to reframe situations you are in? It does. For instance, if you and your partner are undergoing conflicts, take out time to figure out and talk about how you can make things better. By looking ahead to solve problems, you’ll make your life less complicated.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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