5 Ways to earn from home during lockdown

Lockdown has affected each in every person, no matter in what way. While some are struggling to find food and shelter, others for job security. But should we simply sit and wait for things to turn better? Or is there any way out to earn? We’ve mentioned 5 things you can start now and earn from your home.

1- Freelancing
There might be something special in you, that skill which makes you unique from your peers. It may be content writing, graphic designing, video editing or anything. Simply register yourself of any reputed freelance website and look out for projects. Alternatively, you can approach companies directly wanting work from home. You can earn huge amount of money by this.

2- E-commerce
You might be wondering how E-commerce without stepping out to buy stock? Well, technology does it all! All you need to do is to register yourself on any selling app like meesho and share products with your contacts to earn margin without any investment.

3-Social media manager
If you are good at language and communication, and can manage talking to people for answering their queries, resolving problems and promotions, reach out to any small-medium business on social media platforms like instagram and tell them you would want to handle their account if they want to, as many business owners do not want to manage it.

4-Intellectual property
Intellectual property is the asset within you, your mind. If you are someone with a great business idea but do not want to invest or implement it, look for people who are wanting to finance. Sell your idea, by getting it patented and earn in bulk.

Investing in share market is a bit risk, but if you can, rewards will pay off. Else, look for debentures of any company, and you are more secure. You’ll get monthly or annual income from it without the need to manage anything.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

A freelance content writer who specializes in writing long-form articles that generate traffic for health and wellness, lifestyle and digital marketing brands.

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