5 Ways to Grow your Social Media Reach without Advertising

Whether you are an influencer or a brand, or even a newbie on social media, everyone wants to grow our profiles and reach out to more people. Though advertising or paid promotion remains as an option, it’s not that affordable to everyone.

In this article, we would be talking about 5 natural ways of growing your social media reach without advertising.

1. Create attractive content
Content is the first most thing that decides whether people would be attracted to folloe your profile or not. So, make sure that the kind of content you post on your page is both valuable and attractive to the audience.

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2. Be consistent
If you put one post today and the other a wekk after, and then the next one after a month, your audience wouldn’t be interested in following you. Make sure you post regularly and at least thrice a week.

3. Use hashtags
Using Hashtags (#) is a great way of growing followers and reach naturally. Whatever you are posting, make sure you put 20-25 relevant hashtags. Also include growth oriented Hashtags like #followforfollow #likeforlike #follow4followback and trending hastags (whatever is currently popular).

4. Collaborate and shout-outs
Collaboration is a way of benefiting mutually. You can collaborate with any influencer with high number of followers and engagement as send them your branded stuff or ask them for collaborative shout-outs for mutual benefit.

5. Organise Contests
People love participating in contests and win goodies in giveaways or other challenges. It is a great way to make people follow you without giving paying for advertisements.

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