5 ways to look stylish in a leather jacket

Leather jackets are universal. This piece of outfit can be worn all year round except for those sunny day brunches. Pairing them up with almost anything makes you look stylish instantly without much effort. Here are the five ways to rock a leather jacket with different outfits.


Create the classic motorcycle look

This has to be the first one and the most common way of dressing up with a leather jacket. Pair it up with your ripped denims, t-shirt and combat boots and you’re good to go for that bike ride. It makes you look instantly bold and empowered and stylish all the way round.


 Go flirty with a little dress

Pair up your leather jacket with a casual little dress and you’re ready for a casual date or a windy day. So, you can go for your spring dresses during the day and even a little bodycon for the night. It’ll make you look flirty and confident with a side of badass.


Give an edge to your athleisure

Keeping the maximum comfort and style in mind, pair up your jacket with your athleisure wear. You can wear the yoga pants, top and joggers as usual and add the leather jacket to give it an edge.  It’ll make you look stylish and experimental and confident all the way.


Rock those boyfriend jeans with some leather

Mix up the laid back look with bold look. Pair up your boyfriend jeans, top and casual shoes with a leather jacket to create the contrasting effect. It will make you look like someone you know how to put just the right amount of effort and doesn’t shy away from experimenting. This outfit could be versatile and you can wear it almost anywhere casually.


Go all black

Create a monochromatic look with a black leather jacket. Pair up your jacket with some black leggings or jeans, a black top and shoes. To add a pop to it, you can even wear shiny or bright colored shoes.

Take out that leather jacket from your wardrobe and get creative.

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