5 Ways to maintain women hygiene

Hygiene plays an extremely important role in maintaining health. Women’s hygiene is even more complex and largely affects lifestyle, comfort and health of course. Being a woman you should not ignore the hygiene of your private part and reach out to a gynae in case of any discomfort.

Following are some ways with which you can keep yourself away from infections or any similar issues:

1. Clean! Clean! Clean!
Hygiene can never be ensured without proper cleaning. You must clean your private part everyday and everytime you pee, have sex and are mensurating. If your private part isn’t clean, it can causw uterus or vaginal infections.

2. Change pad
If you are using menstrual cup, cool. But if you use pad, ensure that you change it every 5 hours to prevent the bacteria from getting collected. Also, wash your vagina before putting on another pad.

3. Keep it dry
A common mistake which most of us do is to keep the area wet and put on our clothes. It can cause rashes and keep you uncomfortable throughout the day. Also, you may see bumps over the region. So whenever you pee or wash it, make sure you dry it too.

4. Avoid Soap
Do not use soap while cleaning your private parts, it may disturb the pH level and cause itching or irritation. You must look out for products exclusively made for vaginal care.

5. Don’t experiment
Vagina is the most sensitive part of your body, you should never experiment on it without reaching out to a gynae. So, don’t put on perfume or any other products that may affect the pH level.

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