5 Ways to maintain your oral hygiene during pandemic

In times like today when the need for cleanliness has reached heights. While, we all are focusing on washing hands for 20-sec everytime and keeping our clothes, gloves,masks and surroundings clean; we forget out oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is as important as hand hygiene. It’s our mouth through which germs and bacteria enter our body. So we must take dome extra care of our oral health these days apart from our morning and evening brushing schedule.

Following are some ways to maintain your oral hygiene :

1- Keep your brush in cool and dry place. Ensure that your tooth brush doesn’t lie anywhere out, where it may attract dust or bacteria.

2- Change brush after three weeks. Do not over-use your brush, or atleast it’s head as it may attract more germs with time and may not offer protection.

3-Clean your tongue regularly. Cleaning your tonge should be a part of your weekly schedule if not daily. It won’t take more than a minute but will definitely add a lot to your oral health. Apart from preventing bacteria from sticking to your tongue, it will help you get rid off bad breath or smell.

4- Avoid eating sticky food. Sticky food like candies or pop-corns or too sugary may get stuck in between your teeth or under your gums, enabling bacteria to build up.

5- Gargle with salt water every once in a while. Add one teaspoon of salt into one glass of lukewarm water to make your anti-bacteria water. Take a sip and squish it into your mouth before spitting.

And lastly, avoid visiting dentists or for any dental services until things get better, if not urgent.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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