The hiring managers get bundles of resume, but spend only a few minutes to shortlist the candidates. And thus, the need to present an attractive resume can’t be undermined. So, following are some ways to make your resume attractive and to let it stand out from the crowd.


1. Keep it short and crisp
Some people write paragraphs explaining their hobbies. Do you think employer is actually looking for such information? All they need is a clean and clear resume stating out your qualities and commitment. Thus, it is always advisable to use bullet points instead of paragraphs.

2. Sequence and formatting
As much as it is important to write in bullet points, proper formatting and alignment of text is important. Other than that, the order in which your details are mentioned on the resume should be logical. Keep yout lastest work experience or educationist qualification on the top.

3. Keywords
Since HR do not have time to read the entire resume, they simply look for those keywords that resonates with the vacancy. For example, if the job is of a video editor, use the word in your resume along with terms like ‘videographer’, ‘professional’, ‘cinematographer’ etc. It will increase your chances of getting attention and selection.

A Don’t miss out

Some people mention all of their experiences and qualifications and are even likely to be shortlisted, but they miss out on some basic yet important details like the address and contact number/mail, missing which can directly prevent them from contacting you.

5. Design
Instead of making it a boring white resume, why don’t you give it vivid colours? Use a new format of designing resume, which makes you stand apart from the crowd.

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