5 ways to prevent premature skin ageing

Skin ageing is a natural process and cannot be prevented. However, for some people the signs of skin ageing start to develop at an early stage. Sometimes it may be genetic but other times it can be influenced by external factors. Here are a few ways to protect your skin and prevent premature ageing caused by external factors.


Cleanse the skin gently every night

After spending the day outside, your skin tends to attract pollution and dirt particles that have to be washed to keep it clean. Not only that, but it is also important to wipe off the makeup before you go to bed. Follow a skincare routine every night before sleeping that includes at least the basic cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Ensure that you have a clean and moisturized skin before you hit the bed to keep it healthy. And if the skin is healthy, then it won’t start ageing early.

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Get some sun protection

This one goes without saying. Sun can emit rays harmful for the skin cells and it is important to get some protection. Since you cannot totally avoid sun, try to protect your skin with clothing and always use a sunscreen with broader spectrum like SPF 30. Choose a water-resistant sunscreen and apply liberally all over the skin not covered by clothes to prevent it from the sun and to ensure it doesn’t wash off even if you sweat.


Quit those cigarettes

We all know that smoking causes ageing. Nicotine speeds up the signs and breaks down the elasticity of the skin and you develop wrinkles and dull skin before expected. Quit now and watch your skin getting better and glow again. Also consider cutting down on alcohol as too much of it can dehydrate the skin and slow down the production of collagen which is important for the elasticity of the skin.


Get good sleep

This is a solution for almost all the general health related problems. Sleep is crucial for repairing of the body and cells which includes skin repairing. Go to bed early and have an uninterrupted sound sleep for 6-8 hours to give your body to fix itself. It is important to have a deep sleep as most of the restoration processes in the body happen during that time.


Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is good for the entire body. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are good source of Vitamin A to prevent and repair your skin. Vitamin A is involved in the production of collagen that provides elasticity to the skin, thereby preventing early wrinkles. Not only that, your skin requires a lot other nutrients to stay healthy. And the best way to go about it is include them in your diet.


You cannot stop the process but you can slow it down and have your skin look youthful for a longer time.



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