5 ways to shop Sustainably for Jeans

Denim is one of the highest polluting fashion industries today. An estimate of 10’000 litres of water is need to grow every pair.The use of potassium permanganate to make new jeans look old and distressed, can cause lung cancer to workers. Isn’t it disheartening? Should fashion be above environment and human life?

Thus, it become important for us, as consumers to choose ways that can avois degradation of environmental and health hazards.

Following are 5 ways in which you can shop sustainably:

Raw is the best
Raw jeans is that which hasn’t undergone many washes or treated multiple times.
This is what denim used to look like before we started to sandblast, bleach and rip it to make it look old. Buy a pair of unwashed jeans and let them age with you.

Avoid stretch
When buying, check if it’s very stretchable. Avoid picking up such pairs. If you are really looking for stretch, leggings is your thing!
One hundred per cent means the denim in your jeans can eventually be recycled.

Look at the label
When buying a pair of jeans, always look upto the label. It’s important to check the fabric composition.
You might want to do some research online first. Look for recycled cotton, GOTS certified
organic cotton, Better Cotton initiative cotton, or G-Star’s Cradle 2 Gold certification, which means it is 98% recyclable, 100% organic and uses the minimum amount of water.

Wash cold, if needed
If you need to wash your denim at all, prefer cold water. Washing is one of the biggest
sources of water impact and energy use is during the consumer use phase.

Repair and reuse your jeans
A good pair of denim can last for lifetime. All you need to do is to look after it and get it repaired whenever needed. A number of denim brands give you lifetime repairing free. Ask your brand about their repair shop and get it done instead of throwing it off and going for a new one even when it’s repairable.
Some companies even send you a free repairing box in case you can’t reach there.

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