6 Annoying Texting Habits You Should Stop

We all indulge in texting on a daily basis. There are many instances where we prefer text over call if we wish to convey our message to someone. However, there are a few annoying habits you should avoid while texting someone.

  • Don’t use periods

Though using periods is a proper way to end a sentence in the English language, you should refrain yourself from adding a period at the end of the sentence while texting. The dot at the end may make you seem insincere.

  • Use Spell Check

Using wrong spellings while messaging someone is a really bad idea as it doesn’t give a good impression to the other person. Always read your messages once before sending them. 

  • Don’t send one syllable per text

It is really annoying when someone uses nine text messages to convey a single thought. Instead of breaking the message into different parts, try to complete it in one single message.


  • Don’t text at the movies

Refrain yourself from using your mobile phone while watching a movie in a cinema hall. It is very irritating to see that glowing blue light from someone’s phone in an otherwise dark theatre.

  • Don’t apologise via text

It is rude to ask sorry for your bad deeds through a message. This makes the other person feel that either you are not serious about it or you do not have the guts to face them while apologising. You should look in someone’s eye while apologising so that the other person can exactly know how bad you are feeling about it.

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  • Don’t use slangs

Though there is no harm in using short forms or slangs while talking with your friend circle, don’t use this type of language while conversing with your subordinates or boss.

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