6 healthiest ways to drink Water

Drinking water is essential for survival. On an average, one should drink 8-10 glasses everyday to remain healthy. However, just drinking water doesn’t help; it has to be drunk in the right way.

Below are some Tips you should follow while drinking water:

1- Sit and Drink
Drinking water while standing can lead to athritis and kidney dis-functioning as water gets accumulated in the knees. While when we sit and drink water, it helps in proper digestion of food.

2- Sip
Don’t gulp down the entire water at once. Instead, take small sips like you do while drinking tea. So swallow little, breathe and do it throughout the day. Avoid drinking water immediately after food. In order to eat less and lose weight, you can choose to drink water before meal.

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3- Normal or Warm
Drinking water at room temperature can prove to be good, and drinking warm water can be even more beneficial. Avoid drinking ice water, as it may disturb the digestion process and lower the metabolism , making it difficult to lose weight.

4- Early morning
Drinking water early morning, or as soon as you wake up can make you consume saliva which can benefit body and cleanse your intestines.

5- Look for signs
The water requirements may differ in every individual. Look out for symptoms of dehydration. Your body may give cues like a dark yellow-coloured urine may indicate dehydration. Additionally, dry lips can be a signal of lack of water too.

6-Silver and copper vessels
Drinking water in silver or copper vessel can give you a boost of benefits including building immunity , improving digestion and the anti-cancer properties. Fill a jug or bottle or silver or copper at night and drink it in the morning.

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