6 Must-have beauty tools in every kit

Beauty tools have made life easier. If you wish to boost your beauty care routine , you should definitely have these 6 tools in your kit and say bye bye to your salon.

1-Plucker/ Tweezer

Beauty tool

If it is your upper lips hair or those on chin that make you rush to salon frequently, you should definitely get a good plucker to pull of those tiny hair. No! It is not expensive!

2- Eyebrow or facial razor

Whether it is growth of your eyebrows or your facial hair that makes you feel uncomfortable, this two in one razor will help you shape it without any pain. And it is damn easy to handle.

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3-Beauty blender

If you still use cotton cloth or your hands or a random tool to blend your foundation or cream, you are ditching your makeup look. To get a smooth blend look of your makeup, you should definitely own a beauty blender and say bye bye to cracks.

4-Brush set

Brushes are literally as important as the product. Just don’t be a miser while buying brush. Having a good quality as well as quantity of brushes is the key to a picture- perfect makeup look. Get a brush set which includes brushes of all sizes, for your eyeshadow to blush to lipstick!

5-Eye lash curler

Who doesn’t love big- thick- curly lashes? A mascara can never give you the same look as an eye lash curler, so invest in one good eye lash tool that can give you gorgeous eyelashes within seconds.

6-Brush/roller comb

Although we ignore our hair, but can’t neglect the fact that hair reflects your personality. A good brush to comb your hair is a must for not just women but also men. And if you wish to curl or style your hair, you should go for. roller one.

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