6 myths and misconceptions about meditation

In the recent years we have grown to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy mind along with our bodies. And what better way to cleanse the mind than meditation. In this fast moving life, mediation helps in calming the mind and reducing stress. Though the practice is ancient but due to its recent rise, certain myths and misconceptions have also risen which mislead us and make us reconsider to try.

Myth 1: You can’t meditate because you’re busy.

We are all busy. Mediation doesn’t require hours of focus to cleanse your thoughts. If you’re new to the practice, it is advisable to start small till it gets easier. Spending a few minutes to meditate in the morning helps in refreshing the mind and gathering the thoughts. People actually say that they have a more productive day if they meditate in the mornings.

Myth 2: Meditation is a spiritual or religious practice.

Though it was created to achieve spiritual goals, modern day meditation does not require you to have any specific religious/spiritual beliefs. Meditators can even be atheists or agnostic. The main purpose of meditation is to maintain the mental and physical health as it helps in regulate anxiety, stress, blood pressure, sleep and more.

 Myth 3: You need a proper setup for mediation.

Meditation is for the mind so it does not really depend on the number of incense sticks or candles you’ve lit around you or the kind of mat you’re sitting on. In fact, it doesn’t require any of that. You can mediate anywhere but preferably a quiet place so you don’t get disturbed while trying to focus.

Myth 4: You have to sit in a specific position to meditate.

You do not. Meditation does not require you to sit in a specific position with your legs crossed or twisted. You can sit in any comfortable position on a chair or even in bed. However it is not advisable to lie down unless you’re doing meditation for sleep.

Myth 5: Meditation is an escape.

It is the other way around. The purpose of meditation is not get away from the problems or difficulties in life but to have clearer thoughts to deal with them more efficiently. It helps in analysing your thoughts and reduce the unnecessary stress to yield more productive and efficient results.

Myth 6: You have to quiet your mind for a successful session.

It may be impossible to stop your mind from having any thoughts. However we can control the amount to attention we give to a specific thought. The best way is to focus on a particular thing called the object of attention which makes the mind relaxed. Some thoughts will always arise which should be slowly put aside and return the attention to the object. Having thoughts in between the session will not make it unsuccessful.

Meditation has to be one of the most beneficial trends catching up in recent years and it is a practice to a healthier lifestyle.


  1. I do meditate many times on my day start on waking up early riser i am but stay in bed watching health webinars that hit my email are experiential learning online. I do mindfullness looking focus @ central church altar i choose or sat on beachy big rocks or sands batefooted focus on waves both very relaxing

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