6 Tips for Best Selfie

Today, social media has taken over our life. And selfies have taken over social media. Most of us love clicking and posting our best pictures on social media. And the crazy competition for ‘the picture with most likes’ is on the top of social sites like Instagram and Facebook. Even if you aren’t crazy about posting frequently, all of us take it occasionally. But some of us never get good pictures. If you are one of them, just stop blaming your face, and change the way you click. Following are 5 tips that can help you get the best version of yourself , through a selfie.

1-Check for lighting

No matter what the background or picture composition is, if it’s well lighted, it’s always many tines my better.
Before clicking pictures, ensure that there’s adequate lighting in the room or outdoors. Selfie in dim light is just not a good idea.

2-Look for your angle

If you love clicking selfies, you know your side and angle. If you aren’t sure of which side is best for you, click a picture from your left side of the face and then from the right side. Then look at both and pick the one you like more. You will realize that you look better in one of the the two, than the other. Also check for the position at which you should hold your phone. It can be above your head level or at your face level and even below it. Choose the one that suits you the most.

3-Maintain some distance

Do not hold your phone too close to your face. Extend your hand and hols it at some distance. If you click it too closely, you will end up with a picture focusing on your forehead, nose or eyes. Or it may not give you the look you wanted. So, the gap between your body and the phone is what you should definitely look for.

4-Keep it natural

Some people smile too fake. While some, try clicking it candid. But, none of this may work. What may really work is keeping it natural. Let the natural you be captured in the picture. Don’t try to make your eyes look bigger or nose slimmer or else you will end up messing up. Just say ‘yes’ and click it. (Say ‘yass’ if you are more excited.)

5-Take multiple pictures

If you are upset about your pictures, click more. Click multiple pictures in every pose and you will definitely find one or more of them just as you wanted it to be. But ensure that you follow the above tips to get a really good selfie.


6-Love yourself

No matter what people think about you or your pictures, just love yourself. Never feel bad about your physical appearance or features, it doesn’t describe you. Your beautiful soul is all what matters in the end. As, external beauty fades away with time, but internal stays intact.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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