6 ways to remove body hair at home

Removing unwanted hair is a part of almost every grown-up woman’s life. And in these times, when salons and parlours are closed , we certainly have no clue when we’ll be able to get rid of our hair.
You can use these ways to remove your hair at home:

1- Wax
Waxing is most commonly practiced by females to remove hair of wider organs such as arms or legs. However, it can also be a effective way of removing upper lip-hair or chin-hair too. Although, it may be the most painful way of removing unwanted hair.

Razor is another most common way of removing hair among both men and women. For hair on chin, facial hair, under-arms razor can be proved effective too. The best part being – it’s painless.

Threading is a practice to shape eyebrows and remove lip or chin hair. In order to remove hair using threading, one should visit salon or parlour and not do one its own. But if you are stuck at home and have any professional or someone who knows how to, it’s not difficult.

Epilator is an electronic device that grasps multiple hair at a time and the procedure is quick and without much pain. It can be used in arms, legs or parts wherever you wax.

Plucker enables us to remove hair from chin, eyebrows or wherever there isn’t heavy growth. For one or two hair left out after waxing or using any other method, plucker can be an effective tool.

6-Depilatory creams
Depilatory creams are an incredibly effective way of removing hair from almost any part of the body. All you need to do is, apply cream, let it dry and wipe off in another direction. It is perhaps a less-expensive and ofcourse, painless way of removing. However, it may leave you in bad odour and may not remove hair from roots, thus a temporary solution.

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