6 Ways to stop your habit of biting nails


Nail biting can be a tough habit to crack. Nearly 20-30% people have a long habit of biting their nails. If you are someone with the same habit, and genuinely want to give it up, here are some tips that’ll surely help provided that you follow these!

1- Ask why
The reason for nail-bitting isn’t universal. It may be different for every individual. Some bite due to stress, some for timepass, some mindlessly do it. Figure out what makes you bite. No matter how hard you try, without going to the root cause, nothing would work.

Notice when do you bite, while your are in a meeting or watch TV?

It is seen that people who go for regular manicures do not usually bite nails. Amd the reason is quite clear, they have paid to make it look beautiful. So next time when you bite, just re-consider the time and money it took you to get it done.

3- Talk about it
Don’t feel ashamed to talk to your family or friends about it. Ask them to stop you or remind you when you do it. It can actually help.

4- Health
The area under your nails may contain dirt as well as bacteria that may enter into your mouth and cause infections. And in times of covid-19 pandemic, you must be cautious.

5- Keep it short
Do not grow your nails long. Keep it short by trimming. It will prevent you from biting, as it would become difficult.

6-Make them taste bad
Apply something bitter or some pastel cryon polish on your nails. So, the next time you’ll chew them, it’ll remind you to not do it again since it tastes bad.

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