7 Dressing Tips and Tricks for Women

Dressing well isn’t a difficult task, it’s just a little tricky. And here we have 7 tips and tricks for you, following these can enhance your dressing sense and make you look smarter.

1- Keep your closet organised

One of the finest habits of well dressed people is that they keep their wardrobe organised. It becomes quite easier to quickly select your outfit for the day. Also, keeping it sorted, will also remind you of all the apparel you have and therefore trying them out.

2- Check weather forecast

Make weather forecast app, your best friend. No matter how well you dress up, if it doesn’t suit the temperature, it’s a waste. Before stepping out, always check if it’s going to be humid or cool, and dress accordingly. You can also check it a day before, to plan your dress well in advance.

3- Plan in advance

If you need to dress up for a special occasion, you must plan in advance.
Choose your outfit atleast a week before, so you can get it tailored accordingly if required.  Planning in advance can help you choose better, as you’ll have ample to match your accessories as well.

4- Keep a backup uniform

If you urgently need to go anywhere and your favourites are in laundry or untidy, you’ll be helpless and end up cancelling the event. Keep atleast one outfit ready to wear anyday anywhere and anytime, so you can rely on it completely.

5- Wear clothes that fit

Wearing ill-fitting clothes can not just spoil your look, but also keep you uncomfortable throughout the day. Do not wear tight jeans, you’ll mess your day.

6- Select lingerie wisely

Under- garments is something that most of us neglect or never pay much attention. But it can literally make or break you. Always pair up according to your outfit. For example, for a low waist jeans, never wear a high waist panty. Also, be careful with the straps and lines of the garments, it may spoil your entire look.

7- Dress according to your shape

It is perhaps the most important part of dressing. Choose dresses according to your body structure. Identify if you are a peer, rectangle, an apple ,inverted triangle or hour glass. There are no hard and fast rules to it, but wearing according to your body shape can prove to be a wise decision as it will enhance your figure.

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