7 Emojis guys use when they like you

Knowing if a guy likes you in the digital era can be difficult. When you cannot see his face, his reactions or his gestures, it may not be easy to decipher what he feels while he say something. However, emojis speak more than words. And we are here to help you out by intimating which emojis guys use if they like you, and what it means.

1- Monkey-see 🙈
This emoji is sent by boys when they have no clue of how you’ll react. They send it to you so you forgive them even if you say out something flirty or stupid. This is one of the most adorable emojis, isn’t it?
Sending it back can be a good choice if you plan to say something similar.

2- Hugs 🤗
No! This emoji isn’t creepy , instead it’s cute and direct. When he sends this to you, he wants to hug you. He cares for you and is being expressive. You can also consider it as a sign of politeness.


3- Angel 😇
By this angel emoji , he wants to show you his sweetness and that he’s innocent and as sweet as angel. He feels blessed to be a part of your life.

4- Heart kissi 😘
No, this isn’t a direct kiss, or that he wants to kiss you. It is heart kissi face emoji which reflects that there’s more to what he feels about your relationship, and not just friends. Understand this signal!

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5- Cold Sweating 😅
The emoji is a perfect blend of nervousness and laughter. When the guy isn’t sure of how you’ll respond to him on any particular statement, he may choose to send this so you can feel him.

6- Blushing smile ☺️
Men don’t generally send this as they tend to be bold and not shy. If a guy sends this to you, it means he’ll really happy and open to you, he is sharing how he feels while sending the message.

7- Heart ❤️
A Red Heart straight-forwardly means he has strong feelings for you, or that he loves talking to you and he means it. You must be lucky if a guy sends this to you. For him, you are that special person.

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