7 hottest summer/ spring trends of the year

Fashion is ever-changing. Every season we see different trends coming up and the celebrities and other trendsetters leave no stone unturned to make a statements with the trends. But for regular people it could be a little difficult to keep up with that. Here are some of the hottest trends of the season that are sure to make you want to try.

Animal prints

Animal prints have returned for good. Since it’s a print, it can be worn in various ways. It can be worn in bold and bright colours as well as neutral colours. You can go for an all over animal print look or accessorise with by using animal prints bags, scarves and other accessories.

Lavender tones

Lavender is the tone for this year’s summer. The light purple tone goes well as anything. You can get dressed completely in the different tones of lavender or accessorise as boots or even as an overcoat.


In contrast with the lovely lavender, another trend neo gothic is here for the summers. To follow this trend, you can pair up the on-trend accessories with an all-over black outfit. You can wear whatever you like keeping the dark mood and vibe in mind.

Head to toe neutrals

This season we are witnessing a lot of contrasting colour trends. Another major trend for this year is head to toe neutrals which comprises of a neutral outfit along with matching neutral accessories. This can be a huge hit as work wear.

Bucket hats

Another item to add to your shopping list if you don’t already own one. The iconic 90’s accessory is back in action and here to stay this year. This is a perfect accessory for a brunch date and comes in different colour and patterns. You can mix and match it up with your day wear outfits and avoid the sun in style.

Polka dots

Another old trend back in action is polka dots. Since it’s a pattern, it can be pretty much worn as anything. Polka dress summer dresses would be a bit hit for brunch dates. Other than that you can even go for shirts, blouses, skirts or even accessories with the pattern.

Small and shrunken bags

It’s not about function anymore. An odd but totally in trend for bags this year is carrying tiny bags that can fit nothing more than your phone and keys. These tiny bags are making big this season and are perfect for your date nights.

Pick out your favorite trends from this year and experiment your summer away.

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