7 Quick Fashion Hacks to make you look more stylish

Want to make your life more simpler and fun? Implement the following hacks and make your fashion, more fashionable.

1-Bored of your simple T-shirt? Make it stylish by just tying a side or center knot.

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2- Have your feet overgrown the size of shoes or bellies ? Use a hair dryer to make your footwear loose. (That hot hair will help expand).

3- Does your bra strap shows up whenever you wear an off shoulder top or dress? Get a tube bra or a bra with attachable transparent straps.

4- Does your jeans or jacket’s zip get stuck often? Apply some vaseline. This can be done for all kinds of zips.

5- Do you feel like pad is spoiling your look and day? Use a menstrual cup instead and stay free.

6- Unable to iron your shirt collar well? Use a flat rod or hair straighter.

7- Bored of your ordinary jeans? Take a blade and make cuts, making it look like a ripped pair of jeans

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