7 tips to dress appropriately for work

Dressing up plays an important role in portraying one’s personality. The way you dress tell about the activity you’ll be doing. That’s why there are different types of clothing and dress up manners for occasions and events. However dressing up for work can be a little tricky as every work environment has different dress code. Some do not have any codes altogether. Yet, dressing up appropriately is important.

Tip #1: Figure out what’s appropriate in your industry

As different industries have different dress codes, you should understand what is considered appropriate in your environment. Some offices do not even have a particular dress code but it is still important to wear only specific clothes to work. If you’re confused about what is acceptable you can ask around for some guidance.

 Tip #2: Choose the appropriate bag

Your work environment mainly decides the kind of bag you should be carrying around. If the dress code of your workspace is formal, then avoid carrying a funky backpack. Carry a briefcase or a sling laptop bag instead. After all, your bag is a part of your outfit.

Tip #3: Wear clothes that fit

This goes without saying but often people get it wrong. Avoid wearing clothes that are too big or small for your body. Wearing clothes of the perfect fit make you look sharp and professional.

Tip #4: Avoid over accessorising

Accessories may be used to compliment the outfit but overdoing it will make you look out of place. Choose the appropriate and preferably simpler accessories for work. There are a lot of options in chains, earrings and rings you can go for that make you look stylish yet professional.

Tip #5: Avoid wearing strong perfumes and cologne

Smelling good is a must but just the right amount. Avoid overusing your perfume or cologne as it can be repelling. Use milder perfumes and it’s even okay if others can’t smell it.

Tip #6: Choose your watch appropriately.

The most noticeable accessory on you is your watch. Pay special attention to the watch you wear as it can say a lot about your personality. Choose the watch accordingly with your outfit. If your work outfit is formal, avoid wearing a sports watch and go for the classic watched instead.

Tip #7: Take care of your hair

Your hair must not get in the way of your work. Groom your hair properly for work as untidy hair can make you seem unprofessional and also be distracting.

And always keep your comfort in mind while deciding the outfits as you don’t want to be distracted while working.

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