7 Tips to get your hair-cut done at home, by experts

The lockdown and quarantines have caused us to stay indoors and not step out until it’s an emergency. And, with the closure of non-essential shops including the salons, it has left some of us in dire situation.

So here are some tips exclusively stated by some renowned hair stylists for you to trim hair at home.

1-Firstly, do not go for a haircut at home until it’s really urgent. If you feel like getting the length chopped, and cannot tolerate it, then you may trim it. However, it is suggested to work on improvising your hair quality, making it more smooth and silky before your next visit to salon.
2-If you have decided to trim, then you must not do it yourself. Seek help from your partner, roomie , cousin or who ever can. Doing it on own won’t let it turn out straight due to movement.
3-Ensure that your hair is wet. Dry hair won’t let it turn flat before trimming. Spray some hair from roots to the end, and comb your hair well.
4- Now, split your hair into two, by dividing it from the mid. Spread it down, straight across your shoulders.
5- To cut fringes, cut from the points by keeping the scissors straight, instead of horizontal.
6- Use the same method for split ends , snip with the points of the scissors. However, for split ends, it is suggested to do on dry hair instead of wet.
7- Do not try to get a complex look, or some extra ordinary hair cut. Just get a regular cut to keep the length comfortable.

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