7 Ways to Fall in Love With Workouts

Do you feel like staying in your bed all the time and not moving your body?

Or have you spent most of your life dreading exercises?

It’s time to understand how important it is to work out, no matter whether you do it ‘out’ or ‘in’.

Here are a few simple tips to make you love exercises:

1. Kick off that laziness by starting your day with a stimulating drink. You can go for a natural drink or a protein shake.

2. Do what excites you, whether it be walking, playing a sport, cardio/HIIT, or even yoga. Don’t think workouts are only about hitting the gym.

3. Start with practising for a few minutes every day. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

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4. Set an aim and break it into small targets to achieve. Don’t look at it as something hard or too big.

5. Fix a time (preferably morning), and adjust your routine accordingly. If not, engage in evening workouts.

6. Find an exercise partner to be more accountable. It can change how you look at it.

7. Change your perspective and enjoy exercising.

After a few days, it would become your routine.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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